Baby Boomer Dating Statistics In 2020

Baby Boomers are those who were born between 1944 and 1964. Whether via divorce, the death of a spouse or just never being married, more people in this age demographic are dating today. If you are in this age group, learning more about the dating habits can help you to navigate the waters. It will help you see what fellow Baby Boomers deem important and what is a turn off so that you can take the right approach regarding your online dating journey.

baby boomer dating statistics

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Older Adults Worry More About Dating Trends

There are many societal dating trends that are considered mainstream for younger adults, but Baby Boomers find some of these troubling. For example, it is not uncommon for people under age 40 to move in with their partner before marriage. However, for Baby Boomers, only about 3% live with a romantic partner that they are not married to.

The people in this generation tend to be more traditional when it comes to love and dating. Because of this, many believe that it is not proper to move in with their partner prior to tying the knot.

As more Boomers enter the dating scene, this trend may start to change a bit for this age demographic. However, for now, most older adults appear content with keeping separate residences during the dating phase of their relationship.

Extramarital Sex is Not Uncommon Among Baby Boomers

When someone is on a dating site, this does not mean that they are single. People with birth years between 1940 and 1959 admit the extramarital sex more often than younger Americans. An estimated 20% of them state that they have engaged in sex with someone who was not their wife or husband.

Due to this statistic, when you are a Baby Boomer on online dating sites, it is important to do your due diligence to make sure that the people you talk to are honest about their relationship status. Spend more time talking before meeting them in person and make it clear that you are not interested in dating someone who is married or in a long-term relationship.

It is not uncommon for online daters to do things like check out the social media accounts of those they are talking to. If someone is hiding this information after you have been talking for a few weeks, this could be a red flag that indicates they could be trying to hide a relationship or something else about themselves.

Single Baby Boomers Are Open to Engaging in the Dating Scene

An estimated two-thirds of people in this generation who are single state that they are open to dating. However, due to today’s modern dating culture, many of them say that they are finding it harder to meet people that they are compatible with.

Those in this generation are largely not looking for casual relationships and they feel that this is what a lot of dating today is. They are looking for someone to spend time with and do not want to date around and meet dozens of people just looking for one person who is compatible.

For some Boomers, the prospect of online dating is also a bit intimidating. They come from an era where talking to strangers was very frowned upon. Because of this, it can be a little scary to disclose information about themselves to people who they meet on the internet.

Taking your time and setting boundaries early can help to make dating at this age easier. It also helps to ensure that you are making it clear what you want when you start talking to someone.

Companionship is the Driving Force Behind Dating for Baby Boomers

While people in this generation are surely looking for a variety of things, the majority are seeking companionship. This is important because loneliness can have negative effects on mental health, especially among those in the senior crowd.

It is estimated that 29% of seniors who live in their home are living alone. While some have regular visitors and robust social lives, others are largely isolated. Online dating gives them a way to meet people who they can have meaningful conversations with. They can also decide to meet some of their matches in person for a real-world connection.

When people in this age group have companionship, it can help them to maintain their independence. It is especially important for those who are over age 65. In this age group, regular companionship can help to reduce depression symptoms.

For Baby Boomers who are joining dating sites for the purpose of companionship, it is important to make this clear. There are senior dating sites that allow you to check boxes that describe the type of relationship that you are looking for, making this easy to do.

An estimated 36% of singles in this generation are looking for companionship compared to about 15% looking for marriage. This could be due to several reasons. For example, those who lost a spouse may not want to jump into another marriage after losing what they considered the love of their lives. With other people, they just want someone to talk to and spend time with without the pressure of working toward a long-term romantic relationship.

About 18% of Baby Boomers Are Dating

It is estimated that about 18% of Baby Boomers are in a dating relationship. While some find it hard to start dating again, others view it as a new experience that they welcome. The dating world is certainly different than it was several decades ago, but when they stick with people in their own age group, they often find it quite exciting to embark on this journey.

An additional 44% of Boomers say that while they are not currently dating anyone, they are open to trying it. Some of them prefer a more traditional approach, so they would rather meet someone locally or through a mutual friend. However, some Boomers are more than willing to get on the internet and try some online dating sites to meet potential partners.

Who the Person is and Their Values Are the Most Important

Only about 40% of Baby Boomers put a lot of emphasis on how a person looks. They are far more concerned with who someone is and what their priorities and values are. An estimated 65% focus on the type of person someone is and 62% put emphasis on a person’s priorities and values.

This is not overly surprising because most people in this age group are settled in life and want to interact with people who they can share things with. It makes sense that finding someone with similar priorities and values will make it a lot easier to connect on a deeper level.

Even when companionship is the primary goal, being similar helps to ensure that the two have things to talk about. It also allows for greater chemistry whether they are seeking out friendships or a romantic partnership.

Those who are interested in a person’s physical features may view this as less important as they get to know someone on a deeper level. Online dating can actually make this easier when they opt to use a website that sends matches that are made using an algorithm to ensure some initial compatibility.

Baby Boomers Can Plan Dates Relatively Quickly

Once two Baby Boomers decide that they want to meet in person, it takes them an average of two to three days to plan a date. This is shorter than other generations, especially Generation Z who say they want to know about a date at least a week in advance to ensure that they have enough time to prepare.

This could be due to many Boomers viewing dating in a more traditional way. It is common for them to do things like grab a coffee or a meal or take a walk in the park. Many people in this generation also tend to be more confident and stable, so they do not put as much emphasis on their looks or what they are wearing when they go out on a first date with someone.

There is also the time factor. The older a person gets, the more they realize that life is short. If they have an interest in someone, they are likely to want to meet them sooner so that they can determine if there is any chemistry between them.

Baby Boomers Put the Most Effort into First Messages

After meeting someone online, the people in this generation put the most thought into the process of sending a first message. The average message length from a Baby Boomer is 17 words. This is about 11 more words than those in Generation Z.

This is likely associated with people in this generation being more traditional. They believe in being polite and offering more earlier in the communication phase. Instead of just saying something like, “hello, we have things in common” the Baby Boomers will usually at least mention one thing that the two have in common to work as a starting point for a deeper conversation.

More Baby Boomers Are Dating Online Today

While many Boomers are traditional and not yet ready to use the internet to look for love, more of them are open to the idea and starting to check out online dating sites. In 2015, approximately 12% of Baby Boomers were using online dating. This is compared to only 6% using these services in 2013.

When this generation uses online dating, they may do so for several reasons. One common one is to reduce isolation. They may not have people around them often to keep them company. Online dating makes it easy to start talking to people almost right away, helping to reduce feelings of isolation.

Another common reason is convenience. If they have mobility issues or no longer drive, it is harder to get out on the world and meet new people. Online dating eliminates both of these obstacles because they can sit in their home and explore their matches. Should they opt to meet someone in person, they can take the time to plan all of the logistics to make it easier to get out and spend time with them.

More Baby Boomers Are Downloading Online Dating Apps

A lot of people in this generation have cellphones today. More and more of them are embracing technology and learning how to use things like apps. Because of this, one report from says that among their age 50 and older members, 50% of them are accessing the service using the app instead of the dating website.

This adds even more convenience because then they do not have to carry their laptop around or sit at a desktop computer to use the site’s features. Instead, they can kick back and check out their matches and communicate when they are sitting in their favorite chair or even when they are watching their grandchildren.

Worries About “Looking Old” Are Not Uncommon

While worrying about one’s physical appearance tends to be less of an issue as people get older, it is still a concern for people of all ages. One survey of 2,000 singles in their 50s revealed that approximately one-third of them were a little shy about dating because they were concerned that they looked old.

In addition to their physical appearance, another one in 10 people from this survey said that they also had worries about their fashion and style.

Bad Manners Are Not a Good Thing

Bad manners are a turn off for people of all ages. It is estimated that about one-third of Baby Boomers consider them an instant turn off.

For example, if they are out at dinner and their date is being rude to a waiter, no matter how much chemistry they have otherwise, such behavior would ruin the entire date. This is surely due to how Boomers were raised to respect people. They want to have a good time and when the person they are out with is rude, it just puts a black cloud over the entire evening.

Boring Dates Are a Concern

Among the age 50 and older crowd, concern over a date being boring is something that about 43% of them worry about. They are concerned that they will get out on a date and their partner will simply be boring. Due to this generation often being more traditional, some feel that they would have a hard time ending the date early if their date was boring. This would essentially result in them wasting a night where they could have been out with someone that they actually enjoy.

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1. Baby Boomers worry about the trend of quickly moving in with a partner, and only about 3% of this generation live with a romantic partner who is not their spouse.

2. About 20% of people in this generation admit to extramarital sex.

3. Two-thirds of single boomers are open to dating.

4. Companionship is the most common reason this generation engages in online dating, with about 36% citing companionship as their primary goal.

5. An estimated 18% of Baby Boomers are currently dating.

6. 65% of Boomers care more about who a person is than how they look.

7. It only takes this generation about two to three days to plan a date.

8. The average first online dating message from this generation is 17 words long.

9. In 2015, about 12% of this generation used online dating, up from 6% in 2013.

10. About 50% of Baby Boomers on were using the site’s app.

11. Approximately one-third of this generation were concerned about looking old.

12. One-third of Baby Boomers consider bad manners a turn off.

13. 43% of people over age 50 are afraid of going on a date with a boring person.



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