Best Countries For Online Dating (Updated For 2020)

Where you live has an impact on several elements of your life. This includes your ability to meet compatible matches using online dating. There are some countries where it is simply easier to engage in this type of dating. Exploring online dating on an international scale will help you to see the differences and similarities in different countries.

best countries for online dating

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Ireland is the Hardest Online Dating Country for Men

If you want to date a woman native to Ireland, your chances are quite slim. It is estimated that only about 6% of women in Ireland respond to messages on online dating platforms.

The majority of this 6% were not even women native to Ireland, but migrants who moved there from other areas of the world. When you look at online dating sites, you will find that most of the women in Ireland are not even on online dating sites.

Irish women appear to prefer meeting men the old-fashioned way. This does not mean that Irish men should not engaging in online dating. There is a small chance of meeting a native Irish woman. However, there are plenty of non-native Irish women who are present and possibly compatible too.

Italy is the Best Country for Online Dating

Italy is known for numerous romantic destinations, the wine and a culture that puts intimacy at the top of its most important list. A survey conducted in 2018 looked at 80 countries to try and find out which ones were the best when it comes to online dating. At the top of the list was Italy, which was determined to be the best based on responses from over 21,000 people.

Italy had the best average scores among five different categories related to online dating, including friendly, approachable, fun, trustworthy and sexy.

The US was not even in the top 10 on this list. When you want to find love, Italy can be the ideal destination. There are dating sites that are international if you are willing to hop on a plane for love. Some people might also choose to join dating sites that are exclusive to Italy and those who want to get to know Italian people.

To round out the top 10 countries for online dating, the following places followed Italy on this list:

  • Brazil
  • Spain
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Netherlands
  • Ireland
  • Sweden
  • Thailand

These are in order, starting with the number two country.

41% of Singles Worldwide Use Digital Dating

Whether they used an app or an online dating website, an estimated 41% of singles throughout the world said that they used online dating in the last month. This statistic is based on data from 2018.

This figure shows that no matter where you are in the world, there is a chance to meet someone who you are compatible with. Numerous online dating sites allow you to join from a wide variety of countries.

When you sign up for dating sites, if proximity is not a factor for you, you can make it clear that you are willing to meet people from all over the world. This can work in your favor if your goal is to meet your soulmate. There are no rules that say that your soulmate has to live within an hour of where you live.

When you start online dating, if you want to meet people from certain areas of the world, there is a strong chance that you can find an online dating site that actually caters to this region. Think about what and who you are interested in and join some sites that are most likely to bring you these matches.

Six Countries Are Responsible for About 90% of Fake Dating Profiles

Research looked into where the majority of fake online dating profiles came from. There are six countries that are responsible for an estimated 90% of these fake profiles that are created with the intent to scam people.

The researchers used message response times as a way to gauge which countries had the biggest scammer problem. It was discovered that when someone responds very quickly to messages, they are likely looking for something other than a romantic connection. They respond fast because they essentially want to hook people and get them to start communicating right away.

The Ivory Coast was determined to be the home to the most fake profiles created by scammers on online dating sites. People creating fake profiles from this area of the world responded to messages very quickly, with the average response time being two hours and 15 minutes.

In order, the following countries are the remainder of those on the top six list:

  • Kenya
  • Senegal
  • Germany
  • Togo
  • Nigeria

This is not to say that everyone from these countries who responds quickly is a scammer with a fake profile. However, when you are communicating with people from these areas, it is important to use caution and do your due diligence.

Never send any person online money. In most cases, once they start asking for money or material gifts, they are a scammer, and this is all that they are seeking. You should also be careful to safeguard your personal information. There is no reason that someone you just met online needs information like your address, your financial situation and your full name or birthdate.

If you believe that someone is only seeking to scam you, report the profile. Most online dating websites have ways to report suspicious profiles so that they can be reviewed and then removed if it is determined that they are scammers.

Thailand and Nigeria Tend to Be the Most Daring in Online Dating Photos

About 500,000 online dating profiles were reviewed to determine which countries showed the most skin in their online dating photos. Of the photos reviewed, the people were between the ages of 18 and 40.

Men in Thailand are the most daring when it comes to choosing their online dating photos. An estimated 70% of Thai men will take photos in swimsuits, or sometimes even less, and post them on their online dating profile.

When it comes to women, those from Nigeria are the most daring when they are picking out which pictures to post on their online dating profile. An estimated 84% of Nigerian women will post swimsuit photos and other racy shots to attract men on online dating sites.

In contrast, Nigerian men tend to put more focus on headshots. They tend to ensure that they are very clear and straight on. These men also usually post more than one headshot on their online dating profile. When it comes to females, women in the Ukraine are the most focused on headshots.

About Half of British Online Daters Have Not Met Their Matches in the Real World

Online dating is often considered to be more comfortable for those who are shy about dating in the real world. It allows you to pick and choose which parts of yourself that you reveal to your potential matches. However, the expectation is that you will eventually meet your matches in the real world for a date.

In the US, about 66% of online daters go on an actual date. However, the same is not true for British singles. A survey revealed that about half of singles in Britain who use online dating never make it to the real-world date stage.

This does not stop them from communicating regularly online. For them, this is a good way to engage in digital companionship. They are able to meet people and talk, but once it comes to taking that next step, many shy away from it and just keep finding more people on online dating sites who simply want to date in the digital world.

Five Online Dating Sites Are Considered the Best for International Dating

When you start online dating, you will notice that many of the sites let people join from countries all over the world. There are five sites that are considered superior when it comes to meeting someone from another country. If your goal is to expand your horizons and not allow borders to control who you meet, signing up on these sites is a good choice. Of course, you can also meet locals using these sites.

These five websites include the following:

  • eHarmony
  • OkCupid
  • Elite Singles
  • Zoosk

When you sign up on these sites, you can use the search to find people from specific areas. This lets you determine the geographic location of the people who you want to communicate with.

Globally, 90% of Online Daters Are Younger Than Age 40

In the US, there is an increase in how many people age 50 and older and engaging in online dating. However, when you look at this on a global scale, the majority of them are age 40 and younger. It is estimated that among online daters worldwide, 90% of them are under age 40.

To further narrow it down, about 75% of them are under age 30. This helps you to determine the age demographics that are the easiest to meet when you take your online dating efforts to the global stage.

Cultural Norms Play a Major Role in Online Dating

Some countries with strong cultural dating norms tend to have a very low usage rate regarding online dating. For example, cultural practices in South Korea and Japan tend to result in low numbers of people using online dating. However, in China, nearly 52% of people have used online dating.

You also have to look at the importance of family. In many countries throughout the world, people view family as two adults and children. Since people tend to have children when they are under age 35, the majority of people seeking marriage are under 35. This explains why most online daters are under age 40 worldwide.

Colombian Women Most Likely to Not Respond After One Message

Colombian women apparently know what they want. It is estimated that up to 76% of women in Colombia will stop responding within four messages. Men who wish to date a woman from this part of the world will need to be clear and creative to hook a Colombian woman’s attention.

10 Countries Where Women Are the Most Popular for Online Dating

Women who attract a lot of male attention on online dating sites tend to come from 10 different countries. This list of countries was determined based on which countries men tended to search for women the most. The list of countries include:

  • Iceland
  • Ukraine
  • Sweden
  • Brazil
  • China
  • Korea
  • Pakistan
  • Russia
  • Japan
  • India

The Nine Top Countries for Online Dating

If you want to have success with online dating, there are nine countries where this practice is the most popular. These countries have the most people signed up on online dating sites and they tend to be the most open to dating in the digital world. The nine countries include:

  • Austria – 6% of the population
  • Italy – 7% of the population
  • France – 8% of the population
  • Germany – 10% of the population
  • Spain – 11% of the population
  • United Kingdom – 12% of the population
  • Canada – 14% of the population
  • United States – 17% of the population
  • China – 19% of the population

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1. Ireland is the most difficult country for men to meet women.

2. Italy is the best country for online dating.

3. Worldwide, about 41% of singles have engaged in online dating in the last 30 days.

4. 90% of fake scammer profiles come from six countries.

5. Men in Thailand and women in Nigeria post the most daring dating profile photos.

6. An estimated half of British online daters do not want to actually meet their online matches.

7. Five websites are considered to be the best options when you want to engage in international dating online.

8. 90% of the world’s online daters are under age 40.

9. The overall online dating climate in a country is largely determined by cultural norms.

10. 76% of Colombian women stop responding after one to four messages.

11. There are 10 countries where women are the most popular online daters.

12. Nine countries account for the majority of online daters.



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