The Craziest Most Bizarre Dating Habits And Preferences

Dating is an adventure full of unexpected twists and turns. You have surely read different dating statistics that help you learn more about things like dater demographics and even some quirks that are common in various age groups. However, there are some dating statistics that are just downright bizarre.

These more unconventional statistics show that people can sometimes look at dating and relationships in rather interesting ways. They also give you a glimpse into what might be going through someone’s mind when they are chatting online and looking for someone to meet in person for a real-world date.

most bizarre dating habits and preferences

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Bowel Movements vs. Hitchhikers

Moments of intimacy are what allow two people to bond. However, while married couples surely share bathrooms, when you are just dating, you would think that most people prefer to keep their bowel movements private.

However, an estimated 68% of single people say that instead of picking up a hitchhiker, they would actually prefer to have a bowel movement in front of their partner on the side of the road.

This is definitely an odd statistic, but it shows that people today are less afraid of being vulnerable in front of a person who they are dating. At least they would rather be more open about their bathroom habits than pick up a stranger from the side of the road.

Avoid Stealing WiFi to Remain Attractive

It is not uncommon to figure out a neighbor’s password and then use it to gain access to WiFi without having to pay or your own subscription. In fact, people do the same thing for other things too, such as television streaming services.

However, if you are someone who uses a neighbor’s WiFi without permission, you might want to keep this fact under wraps. Approximately 37% of single people said that they find it unattractive when someone they are talking to steals internet from one of their neighbors.

Legalities aside, using someone’s internet without their permission is definitely something that is not recommended for many reasons. For example, it could result in slowing down the service for the person who actually pays for it.

Since online dating requires some access to the internet, it is best to get service in your home or apartment under your own name. Of course, you also want to create a WiFi password that is hard to crack so that one of your neighbors is unable to use your service without your permission.

Some Men Find Being Ghosted Attractive

Ghosting is a hot topic in today’s dating world. People start talking to someone and for whatever reason, they decide that the relationship is not going anywhere and they up and disappear.

In most cases, if someone is ghosted, they spend a few days wondering why and then they move on. For the most part, it causes people to become hurt and frustrated because ghosting results in them not getting any closure. They are also left wondering why they were ghosted which could cause issues with their confidence.

However, a small number of men say that when a woman ghosts them, it makes them actually want that women even more. An estimated 11% of men say that ghosting makes them want to pursue the woman who did it even more intensely.

This could be due to things like curiosity or feeling the thrill of the chase. Since the woman ghosted them, they essentially take it as a personal challenge to find out why and then change her mind. How often it works out is unknown, but if a woman does ghost a man, this is something that she should be prepared for.

Young People Are Not Strangers to Using Marijuana on a First Date

When you meet someone online, the goal is to eventually meet with them in person. It is common to be nervous meeting someone for the first time even when you have spent some time getting to know each other on a dating site.

To calm their nerves, about 68% of single people in the ages 18 to 34 group say that they have used some marijuana. For some of them, they used prior to even getting to the destination of their first date. Others say that they actually shared a little weed with their partner so that both of them could relax and enjoy each other’s company.

It is always a good idea to make sure that you are relaxed when you finally meet in person, especially if there is a lot of chemistry between you two. This helps to ease awkwardness so that you both can connect well and not have to deal with embarrassment.

When you engage in dating, it is a good idea to get a routine that you use before your first dates. This can help to calm your nerves so that you are ready to have a good time.

New Mattress, New You

Getting a good night’s sleep and being comfortable when you are spending time in your bed is very important. However, this is not always why people choose to go mattress shopping. It is estimated that about 74% of couples who are engaging in a new relationship decide that this is the ideal time to purchase a new mattress.

If the two of you will be spending a lot of time together, it makes sense to get a new mattress that both of you will find comfortable. Some believe that this also gives the relationship a fresh start by getting rid of a mattress that either of you might have shared with a previous partner.

Since mattresses that are high in quality can be pricey, it is best to wait until you know that the relationship is going somewhere before you head out shopping together. This will prevent you from spending money on a mattress that might not get a lot of use if the two of you call it quits shortly after making the purchase.

Trading Facial Hair for Intimacy

When two people really like each other, there are often many things that they are willing to sacrifice to make sure that their partner is happy. For about 59% of men, this means removing their facial hair in order to have sex with their new partner.

Beards and facial hair are trendy right now. Some men also elect to avoid shaving in the cold months so that they can have a little extra warmth against frigid temperatures. However, for more than half of men, they are more than willing to use their razor regularly if this is what is wanted by the woman in their life.

iPhone vs. Android in Dating

Android and iPhone users are often debating which of these phone brands is superior. This debate does enter the dating world too. An estimated 29% of single people say that when someone uses an iPhone that they find it more attractive.

While Android users do not have too much to worry about, it is something that they should consider when they find that they have some chemistry with an iPhone user. Should the phone a person uses be of high importance, it is best to discuss this on your online dating profile too.

Catfishing in a Coastal Town

Due to the show ‘Catfish’ this behavior is something that most people are aware of. No matter where you live, if you engage in online dating, there is always a chance that you could get catfished. Always look for the signs, such as someone not wanting to video chat or send frequent photos of themselves.

While catfishing can definitely happen anywhere, it is something that people in Alaska have to worry about the most. Despite a relatively low population compared to many other states, this behavior is the most common in Alaska.

If you start talking to a person from this state, it is important to keep this in mind. Use some general precautions to make sure that any Alaskan you are talking to is legit and a real person before you get too serious with them.

Big Spoon vs. Little Spoon

When you are spending time with your partner, you will surely cuddle from time to time. It is often believed that men will always be the big spoon when a man and a woman are spending time cuddling. However, plenty of men rather switch off once and a while so that they can be the little spoon.

An estimated one in three men say that when they are cuddling, they actually want to be the little spoon. Talk to your male partner about their preferences so that both of you can get what you want when you are cuddling.

Sex and Live Music

Going to a concert and seeing your favorite artists in person can certainly be invigorating. However, for some people, this experience is one that they prefer over having sex with their partner. Approximately 10% of single people say that they prefer to enjoy live music over having sex.

Early in your relationship with a new person, it is important to learn about the things that interest them the most. It is also a good idea to see where they stand when it comes to sex and musical preferences. Having information on both of these will ensure that the two of you are truly compatible.

This information also helps you to gauge things like what to do on a first date. If the two of you are really into live music and enjoy a lot of the same artists, a concert can be a memorable and exciting first date idea.

Make It Known How You Feel About Toothbrush Sharing

Even when people have been married for years, it is not uncommon for toothbrush sharing to be off of the table. The human mouth is packed with germs and many people just want to have a toothbrush that is completely their own.

It is estimated that 22% of people who are spending time with their partner have used their toothbrush. What is even more startling about this is that 76% of these people never disclose to their partner that they used their toothbrush.

When you meet someone who you want to bring home, it is a good idea to make sure that you have a spare toothbrush waiting for them. Let them know that it is available so that they are not tempted to use your toothbrush.

Women Snoop Men’s Unmentionables Too

Movies and television sometimes have characters with fetishes for looking at the underpants of people they are dating. In most cases, these shows and movies show men engaging in this behavior. However, in the real world, women will check out the underwear drawer of the men that they are dating too.

Some people believe that the type of underwear a person wears tells you things about their personality. Of course, if someone’s underwear is not very clean, this could be a dealbreaker for many people.

An estimated 30% of women who are single admit that at least once, they have checked out the underwear drawer of a person they are dating. The women who admit to this say that they did it without the person even knowing that they took a peek.

Trading Spaces Sooner

A few decades ago, it was often considered taboo to move in with someone before you married them. Today, more people are getting exclusive before they are even engaged. It is estimated that today’s couples at least exchange house keys after going on just 12 to 14 dates. Depending on how often the couple sees each other, this could happen in just a matter of months.

Excess Weight vs. Serial Killers

Men and women have very different fears when it comes to meeting someone on the internet. When it comes to women, the biggest fear they have is that their matches will be a serial killer. With an estimated 1% of the general population being clinically diagnosed as a psychopath, the chances of meeting an actual serial killer are quite low.

Men, however, do not seem to fear this. In fact, their biggest fear is meeting a woman who is overweight. Due to this fear, women should make sure that their photos are honest and updated. This will ensure that they do not experience cruelty when they decide to meet a man in person for a first date.

Three Seconds is All That it Takes

You can look at dozens of photos, but until you meet someone in person, you cannot be completely sure about what they look like. However, once you do meet for a first date, experts say that it will take you no more than three seconds to determine if you are attracted to them.

Tiger Woods May Have Helped Men Cheat Less

It is no secret that Tiger Woods has not been the most honest man when it comes to staying faithful. His affairs became public knowledge quickly and his trysts were splashed all over newspapers, magazines and the internet.

While this was certainly not good for him or those who said he was loyal to, it may have helped other women. Once the news of this broke, the amount of men seeking extramarital, discreet affairs on the BeNaughty website plummeted by 47.5%.

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1. 68% of single people would rather have a bowel movement in front of their date on the side of the road instead of picking up someone who is hitchhiking.

2. 37% of people view stealing WiFi as unattractive.

3. 11% percent of ghosted men find they want the woman who ghosted them even more after it happens.

4. Among daters ages 18 to 34, 68% got high before their first date.

5. 74% of people in a new relationship will buy a new mattress.

6. 59% of men are willing to remove their facial hair for sex.

7. 29% of people prefer iPhone users when it comes to dating.

8. The state where you are most likely to get catfished is Alaska.

9. 33% of men say that they would rather be the little spoon when cuddling.

10. 10% of people would rather engage in live music than have sex.

11. 22% of people say they have used the toothbrush of a new love, with 76% admitting that they never told their partner that they did this.

12. 30% of women peek into their male partner’s underwear drawer without them knowing.

13. All it takes is an average of 12 to 14 dates for new couples to exchange house keys.

14. Men fear overweight women most and women fear serial killers the most.

15. You will know if you are attracted to someone within three seconds of meeting them.

16. Men seeking discreet affairs on BeNaughty decreased by 47.5% after Tiger Woods’ affairs went public.



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