Creating Your Online Dating Profile Based On Science

To get the most out of your online dating experience, it is important to put your best foot forward. Since your online dating profile is your first impression, it needs to be on point and comprehensive. There are several elements to the typical dating profile. Adding the right information has a scientific basis and if you follow the science, this could help to increase your chances of meeting a great match.

create online dating profile based on science

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Be Careful with Choosing Your Photos

The London School of Medicine did an analysis and they discovered the best way to take a photo to get the most attention from other site members. It was determined that slightly tilting your head and smiling genuinely got the most attention.

This proved especially true for women. Make sure that you are looking straight at the camera. It is best if you have someone take the photo so that you are not focused on the button to take the picture.

Your main profile photo should only be a headshot. It needs to be taken within the last year. If you have recently changed your appearance or hair, make sure to update your photo right away so that it reflects who you currently are.

The second picture should show your entire body. This too needs to be within the last year and retaken if your body has changed significantly. It is important that the person you decide to meet in person can identify you based on your photos.

At least one other photo should tell people about you. Do you travel? Do you race cars? Do you love to cook? Get a shot of you doing something that you love to do. Ensure that this shot is as candid as possible so that it really shows off your personality.

Your Profile is Important

It is estimated that men who do not fill out their profile are 98% less likely to receive any matches. Your profile information is what ultimately grabs attention. Think of your photo as a way to entice someone to visit your profile. Then, once they are there, what your profile says is what makes them decide to reach out to you or not.

Because of this, it is best to join a site that allows for a solid amount of profile information. You want to be clear about who you are, but it is equally important to discuss what you are looking for in a potential mate.

Talk about your goals so that you can attract those with similar goals. It is important to talk about your hobbies and interests so that similar people can see what you have in common.

It is recommended that you avoid too many adjectives. Instead, just be real and talk as you normally do when you are filling out your profile.

You will also want to avoid the following:

  • Openers that are generic and could be something for anyone
  • Humor that comes off as awkward
  • Bragging or boasting about yourself too much
  • A profile that is way too long and repeats information

Get Some Help from a Friend

On average, 22% of people talk to their friends to get help with their online dating profile. This is a good thing because it allows you to get some advice about how other people see you.

They can also help you to choose photos that help to really display your personality. Remember that a few candid shots can help to tell people who you really are.

Ideally, asking one or two friends who know you well is the best. You should consider their advice but make sure that what does get onto your profile is authentic and current.

Certain Facts About You Make You More Appealing

When you are filling out your profile, it is important that you add all of the information that is likely to catch attention. One interesting statistic is that women who make it clear that they do not drink alcohol have 24% fewer messages compared to those who do say they drink on their profile.

Women who put the following on their profile are likely to get more messages:

  • If they have a dog
  • When they do not have a master’s degree
  • They are Catholic
  • That they earn over $25,000 a year

The following tends to get men more messages on dating sites:

  • When they have brunette hair
  • Those who have a PhD
  • They are Christian
  • If they are high earners

If any of these apply to you, make sure to mention them on your profile. It may help to increase the amount of people you interact with.

Your Perceived Class Matters

When you are filling out your profile and choosing which photos to add, how all of this makes your class appear will matter. One experiment performed by Buzzfeed created mock Tinder profiles. They determined that when someone is perceived as working class, people tend to swipe yes only about 13% of the time.

However, when someone is perceived as middle class, this figure increases to 36 to 39%. Because of this, you want to be very clear about your class. Things like mentioning your job on your profile is a good start. Many sites also give you places to discuss things like your income. Another way to accurately describe your class is to talk about things like traveling and the hobbies that you engage in.

Balance Who You Are and What You Are Looking For

Many people feel that focus on who they are is the most important part of creating an online dating profile. However, you need to have some balance and also tell potential matches if they have the qualities that you are looking for.

According to researchers, the best balance is 30% information about what you are looking for and 70% information about you. Those who utilized this balance tended to be the most popular people on online dating sites. This significantly increases your chances of meeting a viable match.

You Should Be Emotionally Available

When people are looking at your profile, they can often tell if you are emotionally available or not. For example, if you put a lot of emphasis on how you are career driven, this tells people that you are not emotionally available.

When you talk about your likes and hobbies, you need to talk about what you like and how you want to find someone who also enjoys these things. It will make it much easier to connect with those who share things in common with you. This also tells people that you are emotionally available.

The Word “Love” Can Help You to Find Love

PlentyofFish looked at profiles to see what elements appeared to get people the most meaningful connections. Mentioning “love” may be a way to get more attention on your profile. They discovered that this tactic tended to benefit men the most. Men also benefited from using words like “romantic,” “heart” and “relationship”.

The researchers determined that these words are often associated with long-term commitments. It also shows a high level of emotional availability. Since these are two things people are often looking for, seeing profiles that appear to be in line with them make people more likely to send or respond to messages.

Choose Your Username Carefully

Your username is a major element of the first impression you give on an online dating site. According to research, when women use names that are considered sexy or cute this makes them more attractive to the men on the site. However, women prefer men who have usernames that make them appear more driven or cultured.

Another phenomenon discovered by this study was that people tended to get more attention when their username started with a letter that was closer to the start of the alphabet. This is because people tend to equate the earlier alphabetic letters with success.

Inject Some Humor

Some recent research shows that using humor on your online dating profile can help you to attract more people. This is because humor can make people stop and think. It also makes you more likeable.

If you add a few snippets or humor that make people visiting your profile laugh, they are more likely to reach out to you. It can also make initiating conversation with your potential matches easier.

Ask Questions on Your Profile

The whole purpose of online dating is to engage with people. You can start engaging from the minute that you put your profile together. Using this technique can also increase messages because it gives people who are interested in something to message you about.

For example, you could say something like, “I enjoy cooking Italian food. What type of foods do you like to cook?” Just keep the questions simple but avoid those that only warrant a yes or no answer.

Check Your Grammar

Profiles that have typos tend to get a response rate about 13% lower than those that do not have errors. Have someone read it over to look for errors and always make sure that you run spell check before publishing your profile.

The information shown below is taken from the infographic above.
The format is easy to use and can be copied and pasted.
Please feel free to use portions of it in any writing that references this article.

1. A tilted head and a genuine smile makes for the best main online dating profile photo.

2. A bare profile is 98% less likely to get matches.

3. Up to 22% of people enlist the help of a trusted friend when filling out their online dating profile.

4. Women who state that they do not drink on their profile get 24% fewer messages.

5. If you come across as working class, you only get swiped about 13% of the time.

6. 70% about you and 30% about what you are looking for is the ideal dating profile ratio.

7. People need to be able to see that you are emotionally available to interact with you.

8. Using the word “love” can increase your chances of getting matches and interaction, especially for men.

9. Use earlier letters of the alphabet as the first letter in your username to get the most attention on online dating sites.

10. With a little well-placed humor, you are likely to get more attention on online dating sites.

11. Help increase how many messages you get when you ask questions on your profile.

12. Ensure that your profile is free from typos and those that contain typos have a 13% lower response rate.



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