In-Depth Study Into Culture And Its Role In Online Dating (Updated For 2020)

Culture is one of the most important things in a person’s life. Your ethnicity and country play a major role in your culture. Exploring the impacts of culture on dating and how people pursue romantic partnerships can make it easier, especially if you are interested in dating someone from a culture that differs from your own.

culture and online dating

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Singles Throughout the World Use Online Dating

An estimated 41% of singles throughout the world are using online dating. These singles come from a wide array of countries and cultures.

When you are on an online dating site, those with an international base make it possible to talk to people from any country that is represented. Even if you are unsure about dating someone from another culture, you have the opportunity to engage in conversation so that you can learn more about different cultures and people.

Some people join dating sites so that they can expand their horizons regarding the types of people that they date. When they do this, they want to do things like explore other cultures or even just learn what it is like to live in other countries. For some people, they look at it as a way to make new friends that they may be able to travel to in the future.

Canada and the United States

In these two countries, people start dating relatively young, with age 14 to 15 being the average. At this age, teens typically go out on group dates with other friends. Places like shopping malls and casual restaurants are common places for them to have their dates.

As people get older, they might go to bars for a drink, out for dinner or to see a movie as a date. It is socially acceptable to have public displays of affection when you are dating someone in these countries.

People in these countries are looking for all types of dating relationships. Some people are looking for a marriage partner and this is the reason that they date. Others are okay with casual dating so that they can meet new people and have some fun in the process.

Overall, the culture in these countries is very easygoing when it comes to love and romance. People can make their own decisions and have a lot of flexibility regarding how they approach dating and romance. Because of this, it is not uncommon for people to date for years before finding someone that they want to settle down with.


The Asian country typically determines the dating scene that you can expect to see. Many people in Japan are very career focused, so they may not date as much when they are young because they are busy working to achieve a stable career. Once they achieve these goals, they may start to look for a partner to share their success with.

In China, it is not uncommon for families to participate in an arranged marriage. Because of this, many Chinese people do not get to date in the traditional sense. Their parents make the arrangements and contact may be limited until it is time for the couple to get married. However, they may spend a lot of time calling or texting each other to get to know each other. The region in China has a major influence over the cultural norms associated with dating.

There is a lot of pressure to marry in China. In fact, once a person turns 30, if they are still not married, the culture may refer to them as a “leftover“. This is a big reason why parents get so involved in the lives of their kids when it comes to finding them a spouse.

South Korea is a bit more relaxed. It is not uncommon for teens to hang out in groups. Young adults may engage in online dating and go out on one-on-one dates with people. Compared to the US and Canada, however, dating in this country is still less flexible.

While teens may spend time in groups with people they like, most people do not start really dating until they are around 20 years old.


This country is part of Asia, but there are several cultural norms related to dating that are worth mentioning on their own. In this culture, marriage is typically the ultimate goal when two people start to date. Casual dating is relatively rare among the people in India.

Arranged marriage is still common in this country. Parents will work to find a partner for their child that they find compatible. It is common for them to use things like numerology to determine which person their child is the most compatible with.

After finding a potentially compatible partner, the parents get together and discuss before the kids are even introduced to each other. Once a man and a woman are together, it is common for them to take on very traditional gender roles.

In India, the men serve as the protector of the family and the person who ensures that the family has adequate financial support. Women are expected to maintain the home and care for the children. However, men have an additional role of always pampering and wooing their female partner.

When Indian men are dating a woman, they spend a lot of time spoiling her and they tend to be very generous. They put a lot of emphasis on making sure that she is happy and that she knows that she is being cared for.


Dating in Russian culture tends to be rather old-fashioned. Men and women often conform to traditional gender roles, with the man paying and taking the lead.

When two Russian people go on a date, it is expected that the man will bring flowers and there must be an odd number of them. He will also help her with her coat and hold doors. Chivalry is still a very big deal in Russia.

From the beginning of the courtship, Russian men are often very generous. In this country, couples are able to progress in their partnership at their own pace. Some people marry quickly while others spend a lot of time dating before deciding that they want to spend their lives together.

In response to the chivalry and generosity of Russian men, women in this country tend to be very affectionate, loyal and supportive. Russian women also know that their physical appearance is very important, and they spend a lot of time getting ready for dates. They are big on femininity and will make it clear that they have a wide range of domestic skills that they bring to the table.

United Arab Emirates

This region of the Middle East is considerably different than the rest of the area. An estimated 85% of residents are foreigners, so the traditions that you see throughout much of the Middle East do not typically apply here.

Technically, it is illegal to have premarital sex in this region. The culture also does not have traditional dating. However, since the majority of people are from other areas of the world, these things are not often followed.

Due to the diversity in the UAE, people tend to engage in different types of relationships, from casual dating to those looking for a marriage partner. Many people are career-focused and moved here for a job. Because of this, it is common for people to use dating apps and sites since they do not have a lot of time to get out and start meeting people.

It is also said that dating can be difficult in this region. This could be due to many factors, such as how busy most people are and the fact that it is such a melting pot. People may find it hard to meet someone who shares their values and relationship goals.

Middle East

Tradition and religion play a major role throughout the Middle East when it comes to dating. For example, much of the online dating is illegal in Iran due to their religious laws.

In many parts of the Middle East people are entered into arranged marriages. For many of them, they do not even meet the person that they will marry until their parents arrange a supervised date before the wedding day.

Middle Eastern culture typically puts a strong emphasis on religion. Many of their social norms are based on this, so they tend to be very conservative. People are expected to follow them exactly and they learn what is expected of them regarding relationships early in life.

Couples are typically not allowed to be alone until they are married. Once they do marry, female and male gender roles are clearly defined. Men earn money and protect the family while women mostly stay home to take care of the house and the children that the couple has.

Women tend to be rather submissive in most areas of this region. What their husband says is what they do.

United Kingdom

UK dating culture is very similar to what you see in the US and Canada. However, parents usually involve themselves even less in the love lives of their children.

It is common for people to head to a pub for a first date. The first date is often rather casual and allows the two people to get to know each other in a relaxed environment.

While it is not the norm for two people to engage in sex on their first date, this is also not unheard of. Due to the relaxed nature of dating in this region, people often turn to online dating to see if there are compatible matches out there that they are not meeting when they head to the pub with their friends.

When a couple goes out, they may pay for their own drinks or food, or the man might opt to pay for them both. If the date goes well, either of them can opt to call the other to see if they are up for a first date. Traditional gender roles are not clearly defined in the UK, so women often do take charge when they like someone.


This is a big area, so the cultural norms often depend on the specific country. Throughout Western Europe, many people start dating in their teens. It is common for them to head to a club or a party with friends and then meet up with the person they are wanting to date.

Overall, attitudes tend to be more relaxed compared to other regions in the world, such as the Middle East. People in Europe tend to start dating in their teens. As adults, it is more common to meet with just the person you are dating instead of as a group. People often meet in clubs or they use online dating to find their matches.


This continent is very big and there are a lot of countries. South Africa tends to be a bit more relaxed and the culture is more like the US and UK when it comes to dating.

In some African countries, polyamorous relationships and polygamy are common, so men may still date even though they are married while looking for another wife to add to the family. There are some African cultures where women have multiple husbands, so the woman would continue to date even after she is married.

There is a large body of Islam throughout Africa. In these areas, people tend to have very conservative values, so things like sex before marriage are strictly forbidden. Those in these areas may also marry as a result of arranged marriage.


There is an interesting dating culture in Iceland. It is not traditionally practiced, and people do not feel pressure to get into an exclusive relationship.

People often engage in one-night stands and casual dating in this country. Due to the small size of this country and its relatively high level of isolation, it is not uncommon for people to be related. Because of this, there is actually an app that someone created that helps to prevent people from accidentally engaging in incest. They can learn if they are related before taking their relationship to an intimate level.

Intercultural Dating

Throughout the world, younger people tend to be more open to the concept. This is especially true in the US. In the US, about 85% of adults between 18 and 29 say that they are fine with people marrying someone who is of a different ethnicity.

Online dating makes it easy to meet people from different cultural backgrounds. You can find them locally or opt to engage with people who live in different countries.

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1. About 41% percent of global singles use online dating.

2. People in the US and Canada start dating around age 14 to 15.

3. Japanese people tend to date later in life while the Chinese put emphasis on finding a spouse before age 30.

4. In India, it is common for people to be put into an arranged marriage by their parents.

5. Russian culture usually views dating as old-fashioned, where women are feminine, and men are chivalrous.

6. In the UAE, 85% of residents are foreigners, so the dating norms are very diverse.

7. The Middle East takes a very traditional and conservative approach to a couple getting together and marrying.

8. In the UK, dating tends to be very relaxed and casual.

9. Dating norms vary throughout Europe, but most countries are relaxed, and people meet at clubs or similar environments.

10. In certain parts of Africa, Islam dominates dating culture, while other areas view polygamy as the norm.

11. Due to the small size of Iceland, there is an app that helps to prevent people from dating someone they are related to.

12. Among people age 18 to 29, 85% are okay with someone marrying a person of a different ethnicity.



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