Gen X Dating Statistics (Updated For 2020)

People who are part of Generation X were born between 1965 and 1980. Those in this age group often have established careers and know what they want out of life. However, plenty of them remain single and are in the market to meet someone special.

Whether you are a member of this generation or you want to date someone in Generation X, having some facts about them and their dating habits can make the process go smoother. It also gives you some insight into what to expect when dating a Gen Xer.

gen x dating statistics

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Most Generation Xers Are Actively Dating

Among those that are single, most of the people in this generation are at least casually dating. An estimated three-quarters of single people who are part of Generation X are in the dating scene.

Compared to older singles, those in this generation are more open to using the internet to search for love. While many are still set up by friends, they are not afraid to pursue online dating sites and apps to see who is out there in their peer group.

While some are interested in casual dating, the majority of people in this generation are seeking something serious. Even if it does not lead to marriage, they prefer long-term partnerships.

Nearly Half of All Single Gen Xers Are Single, But Open to Dating

Among the Gen Xers that are single about 48% of them are open to dating even if they are not actively pursuing it. Only about 22% of people in this generation are not trying to date anyone at all.

The reasons that they are not actively dating vary. However, many of them state that it is hard to find someone who shares their values, and this is what makes them apprehensive about joining the dating scene. Being very clear about what you want and who you are can help to prevent this from happening. Always fill out your online dating profile completely so that people can get a real sense of who you are before communicating with them.

The Type of Person is More Important Than Physical Features

Those in this generation care more about the type of person you are than how you look. An estimated 69% of Generation Xers are focused on the person compared to 42% putting a lot of emphasis on looks.

The people in this generation want someone who shares their priorities and values most of all. Because of this, they focus on really getting to know someone before making a commitment. When they engage in online dating, it is not uncommon to spend weeks communicating with someone before they decide to meet them in person.

Compared to Baby Boomers, Generation X Adults Are More Likely to Date Online

Those in this generation are more likely to turn to online dating compared to those of the Boomer generation. An estimated 23% of Generation Xers are using online dating to seek out love while only about 15% of Boomers are going digital for romance.

Gen Xers are able to essentially compare and contrast a lot of people when they decide to date online. This makes it much easier to assess people before they spend time with them in the real world.

Online dating also allows people to be clearer about what they want in a relationship. Many people in Generation X have an established life. They have a career or a job that they are dedicated to, and they may even have children. Because of this, they know what they want and are not afraid to be clear about it.

Online dating can also save them a lot of time. Instead of going on an endless stream of dates that do not work out, they can vet potential matches by sending messages or using a dating site’s IM feature before agreeing to meet in person.

Gen Xers Prefer Dating Sites More Than Apps

While many dating apps today are just as comprehensive as online dating sites, those in Generation X prefer the websites over the apps. Approximately 45% of people in this generation use dating websites compared to 29% percent who using dating apps.

This could be due to Generation X being more used to using a computer compared to a mobile device. They may find it easier to access the different features and sections on the site because the screen is larger. Even when the app and website have the same features, the websites are often considered easier to navigate too.

In some cases, you can still use the desktop site on your tablet or mobile phone. However, you have to be aware that not all sites are mobile-friendly. This means that it might actually be harder to navigate the site. Those who wish to use the sites on their phones or tablets are better off just downloading the app to use during these times.

Some Gen Xers Have Hired a Matchmaker

While this practice is not overly common among people in this generation, an estimated 14% of Gen Xers have looked for love by hiring a matchmaker. There are online dating sites that you can use that have matchmaking services.

Compared to traditional online dating, a matchmaking site tends to go a bit more in-depth to help people meet those who they have a lot of compatibility with. While it tends to cost more than traditional online dating, some people feel that it provides them with more accurate matches.

The matchmaking websites have different formats, depending on your preferences. For example, for Gen Xers who have a very busy schedule, they might consider matchmaking services that set up lunch dates. This allows you to have quick dates with compatible people, and if there is a spark, you can schedule a longer date in the near future.

Others have a mixer style to them. You and several other people looking for love will have a cocktail hour or something similar. This allows you to meet several potential matches at the same time and in a casual atmosphere.

Generation Xers Like to Text to Communicate

When you first start talking to someone online, it is common to exchange messages before moving onto other communication methods. Those in Generation X may then go to text messages to connect with their romantic interest.

Texting is easier and it allows people to multitask while they are enjoying a conversation with someone. An estimated 66% of Gen Xers say that when they are talking to someone they like texts are the best way to do it.

When they are texting, they can send messages throughout the day. They can also choose to easily ignore texts or quickly end a conversation if it is not going as planned.

When using texting to communicate, if things start to go badly or there is just no chemistry between the two of you, it is best to let the other person know that you no longer want to communicate. Just ghosting them could give them false hope and cause them to continue to contact you even when you no longer wish to exchange messages.

Splitting the Check is Common Among Gen Xers

When two people from Generation X decide to meet up for an in-person date, it is not automatically expected that the guy will pay. About 46% of them believe that they should split the check for a first date.

Some believe that this gives both people a level playing field on the date. If they split the check, or one pays for one activity and the other pays for another activity, no one is essentially in charge on the date.

It is a good idea to talk about who is going to pay either before the date or right when it starts. This way there are no awkward expectations once the check arrives. When you are both on the same page, you do not have to worry about one person feeling obligated to pay, especially if the date did not go as well as you had hoped it would.

Gen Xers Are Not All Wanting Children

It is often assumed that once you are in your late 30s and early 40s that starting a family becomes a priority. However, an estimated 32% of men and 43% of women in this generation either do not want kids at all or they are not wanting to have them currently.

What is surprising about this statistic is that more Gen X women are not focused on having kids and starting a family. This is believed to be due to more women working on building their careers. While it is possible to have a family and a career, it is much harder for women because no matter what, they will need to at least take a little time off of work to birth their baby and recover.

There are plenty of Gen Xers who live with a partner or are married to someone who also does not see having kids as a top priority. When they are dating, this is something that they often talk about early on so that they can ensure that the person they are dating is on the same page with them when it comes to family plans.

This Generation Prefers a Dinner Date

When it comes to dating, there are different trends among various generations. About 46% of people in Generation X believe that going out to dinner is the best way to get to know someone on a first date.

The type of dinner and who pays will ultimately depend on the two people who are meeting. When it comes to this generation, they believe that a dinner gives them enough time to talk and get to know one another. With a dinner averaging an hour, they feel that they can determine if there is enough chemistry during that time.

When going on a dinner date, it is a good idea to discuss food preferences first. Since this generation appears to put a lot of emphasis on equality, they do tend to talk about where they want to meet up instead of one person making this decision for both of them.

Gen Xers Follow Up Faster After a Good Date

Following a good date, most people in this generation will follow up within one day. In fact, this behavior is something that 38% of them do. This makes it easy to keep things rolling when they really like someone and want to see them again.

Following up in a day helps to ensure that the good points of the date are still fresh in everyone’s mind. It helps to ensure that there is a higher likelihood of a second date too.

It is best to make a phone call to follow up. However, a lot of people in this generation appear to prefer text messages. If texting is something that both parties engaged in prior to their first date, it is likely an acceptable way to thank the person for the date and let them know that you want another one.

Generation Xers May Ghost Until They Are Contacted

Not all dates are going to go as planned. When this happens, it is common to struggle with finding a way to let the other person know that you do not want to see them again.

For some Gen Xers, simply not communicating with the other person is the best way to go about it. This is considered ghosting. However, about 18% of people in this generation say that they will respond after a bad date if the other person contacts them first.

When this happens, they may just send them a text back stating that they do not want a second date. Some people will go more in-depth and provide a reason for why they do not believe that the two of them should go out on another date in the future. No matter what, it is always best to ensure that both parties have some closure.

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1. Three-quarters of Gen Xers that are single are actively dating.

2. 48% of this generation are single but wanting to date.

3. 69% of Gen Xers look at the person more than their physical features.

4. 23% of people in this generation are using online dating.

5. About 45% of Gen Xers use online dating websites.

6. 14% of people in this generation have used matchmaking services.

7. 66% of people in this generation rather talk to someone via texting.

8. About 46% of this generation believe in splitting the check on the first date.

9. Approximately 32% of men and 43% of women in this generation do not want children.

10. Dinner dates are the date of choice for 46% of Gen Xers.

11. About 38% of people in this generation follow up within a day of their first date.

12. Up to 18% of people in this generation will not talk after a bad first date unless they are contacted.



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