Generation Z Dating Statistics (Updated For 2020)

Those born between 1995 and 2015 are Generation Z. This includes young adults ages 18 to 24. People in this generation grew up on technology, so it was not uncommon to talk to strangers online, especially via forums and social media platforms.

The people in this generation are also no stranger to online dating. Using the internet is part of their daily lives and this extends to making friends and looking for romantic partners. Since this generation tends to be tech-savvy, they may even find it easier to search for love online.

generation z statistics

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This Generation is Not Shy About Sexting

Gen Zers are not afraid to send nude photos to people online or via their cellphones. An estimated 41% of adults between the ages of 18 and 22 say that they have sent at least one person a naked photo of themselves.

Not all of the people who received such photos were people they were dating either. In some cases, it was just a casual conversation where the topic came up and the photos were sent. For most people, they say that they have no regrets sending such photos to strangers on the internet.

They are a generation of people who live a good portion of their lives in a digital world. Because of this, they are less apprehensive about what could happen when they send out these types of photos to those who are virtually strangers.

This generation also receives their fair share of nude photos from others in this generation. An estimated 52% of them say that at least once, they have received a nude photo from someone they were talking to online.

Compared to the other generations, Gen Z tends to engage in this behavior the most. However, Millennials are not too far behind them.

Snapchat is Their Go-To for Photo Sharing

Snapchat is where a lot of Gen Zers go when they want to send explicit photos to people they are talking to. This is partially because the photos sent via this app will disappear after a short time. Of course, this does not stop people from screenshotting the photos to keep on their phone, tablet or computer.

An estimated 59% of people in this generation say that Snapchat is their photo sharing app of choice. In many cases, if they meet someone on an online dating site, they will opt to share each other’s Snapchat IDs if they want to share more photos with each other.

Generation Z Want Real Love

This generation is often looked at as being very interested in hookup culture, but this is largely untrue. While people of all ages can prefer casual relationships, the overwhelming majority of Gen Zers are looking for true love.

It is estimated that about 70% of them want to pursue a serious relationship. This is actually higher than the Millennial generation where about 63% are seeking out long-term romance.

When they join online dating sites, they are most likely to explore those that offer compatibility algorithms since they view this as a way to make it easier to meet someone who they are a good match with.

For this generation, they are likely to make it clear what they are looking for when they join an online dating site. They are not shy about stating their relationship preferences and making it known that they will not settle for something casual if this is not what their heart desires.

As you explore their profiles, they tend to be quite detailed regarding what they view as an ideal partner. They will also go in depth regarding who they are and what they want out of life.

Most Generation Z Adults Believe That Soulmates Exist

In a world where the divorce rate is quite high, it is not uncommon for people to get frustrated when it comes to looking for true love. However, Gen Zers are not letting societal norms scare them away from finding someone that they can spend the rest of their lives with.

Approximately three-fourths of adults in this generation fully believe that they will find true love. Only about half of people from other generations are this optimistic about finding true love.

While Gen Zers meet people in a wide variety of places, the internet is one of the most common places for them to seek out a soulmate. They believe that it gives them access to far more people so that it is easier to narrow down their choices and find someone who they are truly compatible with.

It is not uncommon for them to join several dating websites so that they can essentially test the waters and see who is available. They are also not shy about stopping communication if someone is not what they are wanting so that they are not wasting any time as they search for “the one.”

Most Young Daters Do Not Want a Casual Partnership

When it comes to Generation Z, only about 8% of women and 15% of men are okay with a casual partnership. There are times when a casual fling works, such as after ending a serious relationship and looking for a rebound to help them to get over their ex.

However, a lot of daters in this generation rather spend some time being single to heal. Once they are over their past relationship, they then restart their search for a long-term partner.

The people in this generation are not afraid to get candid about their past relationships and any trauma that they experienced as a result of it. Since they are more in tune with their feelings and not afraid to express them, this may help them to better bond with potential new partners who shared similar experiences.

In fact, many people in this generation will even say a few quick things about their past relationships during the early communication phase when they meet someone new online. For many, this gives them something to discuss and empathize with each other over.

Finding Self-Love is Very Important

Generation Z adults often believe that in order to find true love, they need to first love themselves fully and genuinely. An estimated 40% say that they are focused on loving all parts of themselves before they start seeking out a long-term partner.

They believe that when you truly love yourself, it will make it easier to achieve the level of intimacy needed for a strong long-term relationship with another person. Because of this, they are okay with being single and practicing self-care and spending time alone so that they can fully love themselves and recognize the good things that they can bring to a relationship with another person.

Careers Before Love

With the news showing things like young people eating Tide Pods and engaging in other questionable behavior, it is often forgotten that Generation Z adults can be just as driven and motivated as the other generations.

It is estimated that about 23% of young adults in this generation want to solidify their careers before they start the hunt for a long-term partner. They feel that once they have some stability in their lives that it will be easier to fully give themselves to a romantic partner.

Online Dating is Preferred Due to Increased Isolation

Generation Z tends to isolate themselves more than the other generations. In fact, when it comes to getting out there in public and meeting new people, an estimated 91% of people in this generation report feelings of stress.

Since online dating does not require anyone to leave their home unless they wish to meet a match in person, it can be a good compromise. It allows you to be social and look for love without the stress that comes with going on a series of in-person dates that might not even work out.

It can be a lot easier to open yourself up when there is a computer or a phone between you and the person who you are talking to. This can make it much easier to get to know each other and determine if it is even a good idea to go on a real-world date together.

This can also help to calm awkwardness since you will already know things about each other before you have to meet in person. Ultimately, it can help your real-world date to go a lot smoother and cause less stress for both of you.

Long-Term Love is More Important Than Marriage

About 33% of people in this generation feel that marriage is an obsolete construct. They do not believe that two people have to get married to have a good long-term relationship or even to build a family.

While the majority of them are seeking partners who they can be with long-term, and even possibly for life, they do not believe that they have to walk down the aisle to achieve this. It is common to see adults in this generation living together without any plans to actually lock down their relationship with a marriage certificate.

Nothing is Taboo for Generation Z

The adults in this generation tend to be very open-minded and willing to try new things. They also tend to be the least judgmental when it comes to how people live their lives.

This mindset extends to the world of dating where they tend to be very open when it comes to partners who live differently than they do. When asked about what is most important in a relationship among people from Generation Z, transparency and openness are often stated as the two most important things.

Most Generation Z Adults Are Not Using Hookup Apps

While plenty of people in this generation engage in online dating regularly, most of them are not looking for people on the apps that were created for hookups and casual dating, such as Bumble and Tinder. An estimated 23.7% of people in this generation were using these types of apps.

The other Gen Zers who were taking part in online dating were more focused on the dating apps and sites that are designed for long-term relationships. This further shows that most adults in this generation are looking for someone that they can date over the long-term.

Most Generation Z Adults Say That They Are Single

While finding long-term love is definitely a major goal for the adults in this generation, the majority of them are not even in a relationship. Of course, this does not mean that they are not at least talking to someone who could become a long-term romance in the future.

Approximately 58.9% of the adults in this generation state that they are not currently in a relationship. However, many of them are open to finding someone to talk to and some are even actively pursuing dating to look for a relationship.

Online Dating Among Generation Z Adults Has Tripled

Between 2013 and today, the number of Generation Z adults who are using online dating has tripled. Back in 2013, about 10% of them say that they were online looking for love. Today, this number is now approximately 27%.

Compared to the other generations, Generation Z is the one that is most likely to be looking for love online. This is likely due to the fact that they were raised on the internet. It is familiar to them, allowing them to be more comfortable when they are talking to potential partners.

Finances Make Dating Much Harder

Generation Z wants to find true love, but this can be hard due to their financial situation. An estimated 30% of adults in this generation state that one of the biggest things that holds them back from dating is their financial situation.

This is likely partially why many people in this generation believe that they need to solidify their careers prior to getting serious about dating people. With a strong career, they would have the money needed to date and really get to explore the world with someone who they are interested in.

With the financial situation of many people in this generation, they are not able to do things like take small trips or afford a nice dinner at a restaurant, let alone buy an engagement ring or spring for a nice wedding. Knowing this can hold them back from the dating world.

A Texting Conversation is a Date

Generation Z adults can sometimes find interesting ways to go on a date even when finances are tough. An estimated 21% of them feel that a conversation via text message is the equivalent of an actual date.

They may spend an hour or more talking to someone that they are interested in via text. In some cases, this conversation might also include photos of themselves or where they live to keep things interesting and lively as they continue to converse.

Online Dating is Excellent for Dating Diversity

Gen Z adults are very open, and they often do not care about things like race, ethnicity, religion and other differences. They are willing to talk to and get to know just about anyone. Because of this, it is common for things like interracial dating to occur among adults in this generation. About 64% say that they appreciate online dating for helping them to diversify the potential matches that they meet.

Online Dating Makes It Possible to Date People from Anywhere

Adults in Generation Z are less concerned about borders and state lines when it comes to dating compared to other generations. An estimated 65% of them state that online dating makes it possible for them to meet people from a wide array of places.

Since they are not putting a distance limit on their dates, they believe that they have a stronger chance of meeting someone who they are likely to be very compatible with.

For some, this also reduces the risk of having to meet someone in person before they truly get to know them. With distance between them, they can truly get to know each other before they make plans to travel and meet in person.

Dating Via Technology is Important

Gen Z adults believe that dating using virtual means is important. In fact, about 51% of them state that video and virtual dating are imperative.

They can use the technology to get to know someone before they decide to meet them in person. This helps to ensure that when they do go on a real-world date that they know that they already have a lot of things in common.

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1. About 41% of Gen Z adults share explicit photos online.

2. An estimated 59% of Gen Zers use Snapchat to share photos with people they are talking to online.

3. Approximately 70% of them want to find true love.

4. About three-fourths of Gen Z adults believe in soulmates.

5. Only 8% of women and 15% of men in Generation Z are seeking casual relationships.

6. Approximately 40% of this generation want to achieve self-love before committing to a relationship.

7. An estimated 23% want to establish a career before a long-term relationship.

8. About 91% of Gen Zers experience stress when thinking about dating in the real-world.

9. While most want real love, approximately one-third of them are in no hurry to get married.

10. Generation Z values transparency and openness above all else.

11. Only about 23.7% of this generation have used a hookup app.

12. About 58.9% of adults in this generation are single.

13. Today, about 27% of Gen Zers are using online dating, compared to 10% in 2013.

14. About 30% of Gen Z adults say that their finances are a major obstacle when it comes to dating.

15. 21% of them say that talking via text message is equal to a real date.

16. Approximately 64% appreciate online dating because it allows them to diversify who they date.

17. About 65% of Gen Z adults are willing to date people who live far away from them.

18. An estimated 51% of this generation says that virtual dating is very important.



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