Lying And Online Dating – Who’s Fake And Who’s True? (Infographic) (Updated For 2020)

It is no secret that people may exaggerate a bit on their online dating profile. It is to be expected that someone may enhance their photos, shave a year or two off of their age or even fib a little about their career. However, lying and online dating go hand in hand more than most people realize. It is also surprising to learn what people are actually being dishonest about.

By learning more about what people lie about on their online dating profile, it can help you to better vet those you are interested in. This can also help you to ensure that you are being completely honest on your profile.

Lying and online dating infographic

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Men Are More Honest Than Women Regarding Their Physical Appearance

There is a stereotype in American society that men tend to be more dishonest than women. However, when it comes to online dating, statistics show that women are more likely to tell a lie about their physical appearance. Compared to men, women are more likely to lie by approximately 10 percentage points, according to one survey.

What are women most likely to lie about? Their weight. Now, most women in this survey said that they did not tell a big lie about their weight. Most stated that they knocked off 10 to 20 pounds, so not a huge difference in their physical appearance overall. However, it is estimated that about 38% of women lied about their weight compared to only approximately 21% of men.

Women also were more likely to lie about other physical attributes compared to men. About 11% of women admitted to lying about the size of their bust. It was also revealed that women were more likely to be dishonest with the photos that they use on their profile. Approximately 20% of women and 15% of men admitted that they either manipulated their pictures or used older ones where they believed that they were more physically attractive.

While women are reported to lie more often, men also lie about some of their physical characteristics on their online dating profile. When it comes to height, about 22% of men and 9% of women admitted to lying. Men also tend to lie more often about their overall body shape or physique. This survey shows that while approximately 14% of women lie about this, about 19% of men are dishonest about this physical attribute.

This survey reported that about 42% of men and 56% of men state that they have never been dishonest on their online dating profile about their physical appearance.

Lying About Age is Not Very Common

Online dating websites typically do not verify a person’s age, so it is easy to input any number that a person wants. Among women and men asked in a survey, about 78% stated that they have never been dishonest about their age on a dating website. Among those who do admit to lying, most say that they only claimed to be up to two years younger than they actually were when they created their profile.

Men slightly outnumber women when it comes to shaving off up to two years from their real age on their dating profile. About 10% of men admit to doing this at least once while approximately 8% of women say that they knocked off up to two years off of their age on at least one of their online dating profiles.

Under 4% of people claimed to be older on their dating profile. Among these people, the majority only claims to be one to two years older than they actually were.

The Biggest Lie Men Tell is About Their Job

While women tend to be more dishonest about some of their physical characteristics, when men lie on their dating site profile, it is usually about their job. This lie typically involves exaggerating to make it seem like the job that they do have is more important than it actually is. It is estimated that over 40% of men are dishonest about their job.

Women can also be dishonest regarding their job, though not as often as men. About one-third of women exaggerate to make their job appear more glamorous.

When men are lying about their job, they usually want it to seem more prestigious. For example, if they work as an IT professional, they might say that they are the manager of the department instead of a general IT professional working under the direction of someone else.

Married Men Are the Most Dishonest Online Daters

If a married man is on an online dating website, there is a strong chance he is already lying about his relationship status. However, married men are also more likely to be dishonest about their appearance compared to single men. It is said that up to 67% of married men tell lies when they are working on their online dating profile, making them the demographic that is most likely to lie when engaging in online dating.

About a Third of Online Daters Lie “Just for Fun”

Both women and men admit that they sometimes lie on their online dating profile just to have fun. Approximately 31% of women and 36% of men say that they sometimes lie on their dating site profile just because it is fun for them.

Among some of these people, they also say that they might be dishonest when communicating with daters online to make things more exciting. No one really elaborated what they lie about to have fun. However, it is likely the same things that people admit to lying about most often, such as their job or their physical appearance.

Some Women Lie Due to Fear

About 34% of women who engage in online dating state that they sometimes lie on their site profiles or when communicating with men out of fear. When creating their dating site profiles, they may tell lies to reduce the risk of the real information associated with them being used against them at some point. They use dishonesty as a type of protective measure against con men and extortionists.

This fear is not completely irrational either. It is estimated that about 55% of people who visit dating websites experience an issue when using the website. The problems range greatly from very real cyberthreats to conversations that become unpleasant.

It is Not Uncommon to Lie About Availability

About 30% of the lies told by online daters in one study were associated with their availability. For example, they have been talking to someone for a short while and the other person wants to meet them in person for a real-world date. Instead of just committing to the date, these daters will lie about their schedule or how busy they are to avoid meeting a match in person.

In some cases, lies about availability were to save someone’s feelings. Instead of just telling a match that they were not interested in them, they would attempt to let them off gently by making up an excuse about being busy to avoid meeting them in person.

Dishonesty May Be Noticeable

When people are dishonest in their online dating profile, they often use a similar style. When you spot these styles in a dating profile, there is a chance that the person who created the profile is not being honest. People who lie tend to use first-person pronouns less often than an honest person. Another thing people do when lying on their dating profile is that they keep their personal essays shorter since saying less makes it easier to not get caught in a lie.

Lies About Traveling

Traveling can make someone appear more interesting and worldly. Because of this, some people talk about traveling on their online dating profile despite not actually traveling to all of the places that they claimed to have visited. It is estimated that about 5% of online daters are dishonest about how much time they have spent traveling in their lives.

Lies About Associations with Celebrities

Celebrities are exciting, so it is not surprising that some people will lie about the celebrities that they have met to gain interest from their matches. In the online dating world, about 3.7% of people have been dishonest about meeting celebrities through their job. Another 3.3% of online daters lie about actually knowing a celebrity in real life.

Dating Website Photo Manipulation More Common Among Women

While both genders may spend a little time touching up their dating profile photos, women do it slightly more often than men. It is estimated that about 32% of women and 29% of men say that they use filters and different apps to make their pictures more attractive.

Some people view this as a form of catfishing, especially if someone edits their pictures too heavily. However, the majority of people who admit to editing their photos state that they only make minor tweaks so that they still resemble their photos.

American Daters Are More Dishonest Than British Daters

Among online daters in the US, approximately 53% that they have lied about at least one thing on one of their online dating profiles. British people tend to be a bit more honest. It is estimated that approximately 44% of them have told a lie on their online dating profile.

With online daters in both countries, most people tend to lie less as they get older. Because of this, the demographic that appeared the most dishonest was those age 18 to 25 while online daters over age 55 are typically the most honest.

Online Daters Tend to Be More Honest in Their Messages

Even if an online dater told a lie on their profile, the likelihood of them telling more lies when exchanging messages with a match is relatively low. One survey determined that approximately 93% of the messages that online daters send contain honest and true information.

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1. Women lie about 10% more than men when it comes to their physical appearance on their dating profile.

2. Approximately 78% of online daters state that they have never lied about their age on their profile.

3. More than 40% of men have lied about their job on their dating profile to make it seem more prestigious than it actually is.

4. Approximately 33% of people who date online say that they tell lies “just for fun.”

5. About 34% of women who date online say that they sometimes lie out of fear.

6. About 30% of online daters lie to get out of meeting someone in person.

7. People who lie on their online dating profile tend to write shorter personal essays and use first-person pronouns less often.

8. About 5% of online daters exaggerate how much and how far they have traveled in their lives.

9. Approximately 3.3% of online daters lie about knowing a celebrity in real life while another 3.7% are dishonest about meeting a famous person via their job.

10. 32% of women and 29% of men admit that they edit and touch up their online dating profile photos.

11. While 53% of US online daters admit to being dishonest, only 44% of British online daters admit to lying on their online dating profile.

12. About 93% of the messages sent by online daters contain truth and honesty.



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