Millennial Dating Statistics (Updated For 2020)

You are a Millennial if you were born between 1981 and 1996. Millennials are focused on their goals and have a strong presence in changing a lot of societal norms. However, when it comes to dating, there are a lot of interesting facts associated with this generation.

While love is not at the top of the majority of Millennial’s to-do list, they are like all other generations when it comes to not wanting to be lonely. However, they tend to go about love and relationships differently than those who are younger and older than they are.

Millennial Dating Statistics

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More Than Half of Millennials Want to Be Single for Now

Love and relationships are not easy. They take immense effort and often require sacrifices. If you are someone who is driven in things like your career, it is not uncommon for romance to take a backseat. For today’s Millennials this is largely what is happening.

An estimated 72% of people in the Millennial generation report that they are staying single and that this is a conscious decision. Historically, people in this age group put a lot of emphasis on finding someone to share their life with. However, Millennials are starting to question the problems and norms in society.

This is not to say that no Millennial wants to find a meaningful romantic relationship. There are those that put this at the top of their to-do list. However, more of them are seeking to create a stable life because they find someone who they can share it with.

Right now, Millennials are largely focused on what they can do to create a kinder and more productive society. They are taking jobs that benefit their neighborhoods, volunteering and doing things like traveling to expand their horizons.

Most Millennials want a strong romantic partnership. However, they want to make sure that they start off on the right foot. Because of this, they are taking their time and putting love in the backseat until they achieve other important life goals.

Millennials View the Single Life as Beneficial

About 81% of Millennials view the single life as something that is beneficial. They believe that the benefits extend beyond their love lives too.

Today, this age group is dedicating more time to their social lives, careers and their personal time with themselves. They believe that their self-worth does not hinge on them being in a meaningful romantic relationship.

Millennials view themselves are more fun and fulfilled when they are single. They are able to spend more time with friends and meeting new people who enrich their lives in a variety of ways.

Compared to other generations, Millennials are the people who are most likely to be single by choice. This is especially true for Millennial women who believe that consciously choosing to be single empowers them and gives them a greater sense of independence.

Gone are the days where Millennial women felt that a relationship was needed to define them. Instead, they are finding definition and a sense of purpose by building careers and focusing on the value in their personal lives.

Millennials Are Helping to Lower the Divorce Rate

While many Millennials are choosing the single life, plenty of them are also finding their soulmate and marrying them. Between 2008 and 2016, the divorce rate in the United States reduced by 18%. This is largely due to people in the Millennial generation staying together and working through problems instead of just ending their marriage.

It is believed that this is strongly associated with Millennials waiting until they are stable before tying the knot. When they have financial independence and a strong career, the common issues that cause arguments, such as money problems, are far less likely to cause a rift in the partnership.

When Millennials find someone who they think is marriage material, they do not just head to the altar and exchange vows. They are more strategic to reduce the risk of jumping into something that might not work out.

The need for individual stability and happiness before looking for love has helped. It also ensures that they are marrying for love and not to find someone who can keep them financially stable.

Millennials Are Apprehensive About Long-Term Relationships

An estimated 50% of Millennials are actually concerned about engaging in a long-term relationship. They feel uneasy about the prospect of being with someone long-term.

For some, this has increased the likelihood of just dating casually to reduce feeling lonely. However, for others, this has caused them to just remain single so that they do not have to worry about a casual partnership turning into something that is long-term.

The good news is that this apprehension appears to be resulting in stronger partnerships once Millennials do decide to stay in a relationship. It is believed that this is partially why Millennial marriages have a stronger chance at lasting.

Millennials Are Not Willing to Settle for a Relationship

When it comes to finding love, Millennials are not willing to just stick with anyone to make sure that they are not lonely. Approximately 40% of people in this generation say that they will not just settle to find a long-term relationship.

Millennials would rather be alone than be with someone who they do not feel is marriage material. They are not willing to sacrifice parts of their lives for a person who is not likely to be around in five or more years.

Because of this, Millennials tend to be pickier when it comes to the people they talk to romantically. This is evident when you look at the online dating profiles of the average Millennial single.

They are not shy about going in-depth regarding what they expect from a partner. Those in this generation also make it clear what their goals are and that they want someone who will support these goals.

Millennials also largely seek people who they believe is on the same level. For example, if they are career-focused, they will look for a long-term partner who is also focused on his or her career.

Over Half of Millennials Want Something Serious

Once Millennials are ready to start a relationship, most of them are not looking for casual flings and hookups. Approximately 63% of them are looking to start a serious relationship.

Once Millennials are ready to start looking for a partner, most are optimistic that they will find someone who they have chemistry with. They are a bit less optimistic about this compared to those in Generation Z, but this is not stopping them from joining online dating sites to see who is available.

The younger Millennials tend to be more optimistic about their ability to find a soulmate compared to the older people in this generation. This is believed to be partially due to fewer older Millennials joining online dating sites. With fewer potential matches, there is a lesser chance of meeting someone special.

However, this has not had a significant impact on Millennials who are ready for love taking the steps needed to find someone. Most of them know that patience is important because they are unwilling to settle. They know that it can take some time and a lot of conversations with the wrong people to find someone special.

Millennials Are Finding True Love Online

About 21% of people in the Millennial generation say that they used the internet to meet their current spouse. Dating on the internet can make it a lot easier for the busy, career-driven Millennial to meet people. They can also use it to weed out those who are poor matches.

When they sign up on a dating site, it is easy to be clear about what they want. They can then choose to talk to several other singles to see if there is any chemistry. This reduces the risk of going on multiple dates with people who will never be a viable match for them in the real world.

Nearly Half of All Online Daters Are Millennials

It is estimated that Millennials make up 43% of online daters. They come in a wide variety of demographics too. Then, there are various types of relationships that they are looking for.

Since Millennials tend to be busy, digital dating makes sense since it can save a lot of time. This generation joins a variety of sites, but the majority are on apps and sites that allow people to seek out serious relationships.

Millennials Find Online Dating to Be a Fun Experience

Approximately 40% of Millennials think that using online dating is actually fun. It gives them a place to meet new people with little pressure and no commitment.

After a long day at work, they can easily log into their dating apps and sites and see who is out there. Since many sites give you new matches on a regular basis, there is often someone knew to engage in conversation with. Because of this, you are constantly exposed to new and different people, one of which may be an excellent match.

Millennials Love Valentine’s Day More Than Other Generations

Millennials who are looking for a date on Valentine’s Day are most likely to take this day more seriously than other generations. They also spend the most, with $92 being the average for a date on this day of love.

Those in this generation also like to be creative when it comes to going on a date for Valentine’s Day. While flowers and dinner are definitely popular options, many Millennials almost see it as a personal challenge to find an interesting way to get to know someone and have a good time.

Ghosting is Common Among the Millennial Generation

It is estimated that 71% of men and 82% of women in the Millennial generation have been involved in ghosting. When it comes to men, 15% say they have done the ghosting and 20% say that they themselves have been ghosted. About 36% of men state they have ghosted and been ghosted, while 29% say that they have no ghosting experience.

Regarding Millennial women, 26% say that they have ghosted a person and 29% state that someone has ghosted them. About 27% state that they have ghosted someone and been on the receiving end of ghosting. Approximately 18% say that they have no experience with ghosting.

Ghosting means that you just up and stop talking to someone. You give them no reason and you simply cease all communication. It can lead to a variety of issues, such as lack of closure and even insecurity.

Experts state that when you want to end a relationship, it is best to do it in person and simply state why. Even if the truth hurts the other person, it is better to be honest with them. Also, when you formally end things, this provides closure for both of you.

Millennial Men Are More Likely to Exaggerate on Their Online Dating Profiles

It is no secret that people lie to appear cooler and more attractive on their online dating profile. However, when it comes to Millennials, this is more likely to be something that men do.

An estimated 43% of men in this generation say that they have stretched the truth on their online dating profile. This is compared to about 36% of Millennial women.

Millennials Are Not Shy About Celebrating a Breakup

There is actually a term for celebrating a breakup, and it is called “grande-ing.” The Millennials who do this are not actually being petty. They are doing it to help them to move forward after getting dumped or ending a relationship with someone. It is estimated that women are more likely to engage in this practice.

An estimated 53% of women will celebrate a breakup while about 40% of men will do this. Overall, when it comes to Millennials, a combined 46% of men and women state that they have done this at least once after a relationship has ended.

A Millennial May End a Relationship Before the Holidays to Avoid Buying a Gift

When you are in a new relationship, it can be hard to decide what to buy for your partner. Most people ask friends or even delve into their creativity in hopes of finding the perfect gift. However, Millennials might just break up with their partner to avoid having to get them a gift at all.

It is estimated that about 23% of daters in this generation have been dumped so that their partner did not have to buy them a gift.

Some Millennials Choose Their Partner to Improve Their Reputation

It is nothing new to surround yourself with people who elevate your status and reputation. However, the Millennials actually have a word for this: “throning.” Some people in this generation admit that they choose to date people who can essentially make them look better in terms of reputation and status.

This is something that men admit to doing more than women. About 10% of men say that they have engaged in throning. Approximately 3% of women admit to doing this.

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1. 72% of Millennials are single by choice.

2. 81% of Millennials say that being single benefits their lives in many ways.

3. Due to Millennial’s view on marriage, they have helped to reduce the divorce rate by 18%.

4. About 50% of Millennials say that they are apprehensive about getting in a long-term relationship.

5. Approximately 40% of Millennials are not willing to settle in a relationship.

6. An estimated 63% of Millennials want a serious relationship.

7. About 21% of Millennials use online dating to look for love.

8. Millennials make up 43% of the online dating population.

9. Online dating is a lot of fun, according to 40% of Millennials.

10. Millennials spend on average $92 on Valentines Day, the most of all generations.

11. 71% of Millennial men and 82% of Millennial women have been involved in ghosting.

12. About 43% of men and 36% of women in the Millennial generation admit to lying on their dating profile.

13. A combined 46% of Millennial women and men say that they have celebrated a breakup.

14. About 23% of Millennial daters have ended a relationship during the holidays to avoid buying their partner a gift.

15. Approximately 10% of men and 3% of women in the Millennial generation have dated someone to improve their reputation or social status.



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