Study On Socioeconomic Status And Online Dating (Updated For 2020)

It is no secret that people sometimes gravitate toward those who exhibit wealth. When you are dating online, it is not uncommon for people to show themselves as wealthier and more luxurious than they really are. Exploring the related facts and statistics can make it easier to determine when someone may be dishonest about their socioeconomic status.

socioeconomic status and online dating

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Men May Use Luxury Cars to Show Wealth

Now, this does not mean that they actually own these cars. Men may just pose with a high-end vehicle to make it look like their life is far fancier than it really is.

About 83% of the online dating photos that include a high-end car are posted by men. Women only do this about 16.5% of the time.

Having a luxury vehicle in your profile photos can certainly catch people’s attention. However, the primary motive appears to be men wanting to look wealthy so that women will be more attracted to them.

Men over age 55 tend to do this more than men in any other age group. The same is true for women. However, while about 25% of men in this age group post these photos, only about 5% of women do.

Older Daters Like to Share Their Financial Achievements on Their Dating Profile

An estimated 79% of men like to show their wealth on their dating profile. It is theorized that they want to essentially prove that they are able to spoil any woman who chooses to date them. When it comes to women, about 21% will show their wealth on their profile.

When they take photos, they may include expensive watches or jewelry, golfing or other luxurious items and activities. This behavior is the most common among people ages 45 and older, for both men and women.

People in this age group tend to be more accomplished in life. They have had the time to get an education and build a business or a strong career. Because of this, they are more likely to have the wealth that they flaunt.

However, just because someone is posting such photos and information does not mean that it applies to them. It is possible that some people doing this want to appear wealthy so that they can take advantage of the online daters that they meet.

When you meet someone online who appears to be financially well off, it is best to do your homework to make sure that they’re being honest.

Yachts Are a Popular Luxury Item to Showcase on Online Dating Profiles

Among online daters who state that they own a yacht, about 79% of them are men and 22% of them are women. It is important to remember that a photo with a yacht does not mean that someone actually owns one.

Yachts are a popular way to showcase wealth because everyone associated yachts with being rich. It is actually relatively rare for someone to own this type of vessel. In most cases, when people are taking a photo with one, they were likely on a vacation or were invited aboard by the actual owner of the boat.

Those who take these types of photos usually show themselves doing things like enjoying luxurious drinks and food, sunbathing or looking off the deck at the sunset.

When someone owns this type of boat, they will surely know the specifications and basic terms that go along with operating this type of vessel. By asking the right questions, it becomes relatively easy to discern whether the person actually owns the yacht or if they just used it for a photo opportunity.

Most People Date Within Their Financial Class

Despite what the movies show you, it is quite rare for a wealthy person and someone who is struggling financially to find love. Research performed at the University of Pennsylvania determined that most people marry within their education level.

When two people have a similar education level, they are likely to be more similar regarding their financial status. This has become truer over the past few decades where education in addition to high school has become increasingly more important to land a good job and pursue a career.

When you are dating online, most sites have a place on your profile to list your education level. This makes it relatively easy for people to determine the best matches based on this information.

People with the same education level may also have more things to talk about, especially if their degrees are in a similar field. For example, two people working in a scientific field will automatically have at least one thing in common.

Additional research shows that a similar education level may also increase compatibility. This can be even more important for those who had a similar college experience, such as working to pay their way through school.

Money is One of the Biggest Sources of Tension in a Relationship

When two people are sharing their finances, it is inevitable that they will not agree on everything. If one of the partners is significantly wealthier than the other, this may cause resentment if the partner with more money spends freely, or the partner with less money is always expecting the wealthier partner to cover their financial responsibilities.

When couples who have very different financial profiles start dating, they should start to talk about money very early in their relationship. It is important to discuss financial goals and to establish boundaries regarding finances.

When both people are on the same page and they stick to what they agreed upon, this can help to reduce financial tension in their relationship. Since money is so important, having a financial plan is imperative. It becomes even more important for a long-term relationship where two people are living together. This is because one person’s financial habits will impact both of you.

Asians and African Americans in a Higher Socioeconomic Class Are Exposed to More White Daters

A study published in Social Science Quarterly explored how socioeconomic status influenced interracial dating. For most races, they were not more likely to communicate with white singles if they were wealthy. However, it did conclude that Asians and African Americans with a higher socioeconomic class tended to match with more white daters.

Now, this study only looked at them making contact that could possibly lead to a romantic relationship. It did not positively conclude that these two racial groups were more likely to seek out white daters purposely.

Interracial relationships are becoming more common and mainstream. However, it appears that for most races, how much money they have has little impact on their likelihood to date outside of their race.

Women with More Education Tend to Prefer Wealthier Men

Women with more education tend to earn enough money to live a comfortable life. It was theorized that this means that they are less concerned with the earnings of the men that they meet. However, research shows that even when women can support themselves easily, they still look for men who can be the breadwinner in the relationship.

It is estimated that women are 93% more likely to marry a man who is in a higher income bracket than they are. This is true even when the woman has more education than the man.

The research also showed that among couples with mixed education levels, today’s women are more likely to be the one with more education even if her income is lower. This could be partially due to wage differences between men and women.

Men were more likely to have more education in 1980. However, when the data was looked at between 2008 and 2012, women were more likely to have the most education in the relationship.

When this type of partnership occurs, some women opt to stop working so that they can raise children. This could be partially why even highly educated women want a man with a high income. It will allow his income to be adequate to keep up her lifestyle while she takes time away from working.

Nearly Half of Americans with a Degree Know Someone Who Met Their Partner Online

A higher level of education appears to be relatively popular among those who engage in online dating. It is estimated that among Americans with a college degree, 46% of them have a friend or acquaintance who met either their spouse or long-term partner online.

When looking at people who only have a high school diploma, only 18% of them are aware of someone who met their spouse or long-term partner online.

Among college graduates, 58% know at least one person who has engaged in online dating. This is compared to approximately 25% of people who only graduated from high school.

This is thought to be due to how dating is not always affordable. The average blue-collar worker cannot afford to go on dates every week that cost $100 or more. Because of this, they might shy away from online dating because it can cause issues with self-esteem to admit that you are unable to go on a date due to lack of finances.

Lower Income Young Adults May Shy Away from Dating Due to Living with Their Parents

When money is tight, it is not uncommon for young adults to continue to live with their family to make it easier to manage their finances. When rent is reduced or non-existent, it is much easier to save money and pay all of your other bills.

However, most young adults do not want to bring a date back to their parent’s house. It can also make people self-conscious to admit that they still live with their parents. Because of these factors, it is not uncommon for young adults to shy away from dating until they can secure housing of their own.

Higher Incomes Make It Easier to Access Dating Apps

Among people making under $30,000 a year, about 50% have smartphones. Among those making over $75,000 a year, 84% have smartphones. To use a dating app, you have to have access to a smartphone.

Apps can make it more convenient to access your account and use the different features. Those without a smartphone have to wait until they have access to a computer to login to their profile and use the dating site. This may make it a bit harder to keep up with regular communication with your matches throughout the day.

Wealth Differences Influence Outlook on Life

When someone has plenty of money, they tend to be more organized and they manage their lives with an outlook for the future. This is because they do not have to worry as much about things like emergency expenses or the financial elements of decisions like buying a home.

When people have less money to work with, they tend to go with the flow. It is much harder to make big plans when money is tight, so it is far easier to just see how things go and to hope that they work out for the best.

People with More Money Marry More Often

Most people who engage in online dating are looking for a steady partner who may one day become their spouse. However, your socioeconomic class has an impact on your likelihood to get married.

Statistics show that among people in the middle and upper classes, about 56% of adults are married. Now, when you look at those that are in the working class, this number decreases to between 26% and 39%.

Weddings are costly and this can have something to do with those who have less money opting to avoid walking down the aisle. If you cannot afford a wedding, you cannot have one. However, some people might also be afraid of sharing their finances especially when they are already meager to begin with.

Since more people are looking to date within their class or someone in a higher class, it is possible that working class people, especially men, will likely see even lower rates of marriage in the coming years.

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1. 83% of online dating profiles that have luxury cars are from men.

2. Among those who flaunt wealth in their dating profile, 79% are men.

3. Among people who take photos with a yacht for online dating, 79% are men.

4. The majority of people look for dating partners within their social class.

5. One of the biggest sources of financial conflict is money.

6. Asians and African Americans with money have more contact with white people compared to other races and ethnicities.

7. Women are 93% more likely to marry a man who makes more money than she does.

8. About 46% of people who have a college degree know someone who has met a long-term partner online.

9. Lower income young adults who live with their parents may shy away from dating.

10. 84% of people earning $75,000 or more have smartphones, making people in this income bracket more likely to use dating apps.

11. How much money someone has influences their outlook on life.

12. 56% of middle and upper class people marry, while only 26% to 39% of those in the working class tie the knot.



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